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I’m thrilled to be taking part in the #ChickLitLove Valentine  promotion!  Follow the #ChickLitLove hashtags on twitter to find excerpts from some fabulous chick-lit novels!  Who knows, you might discover some favourite new authors.

Below I’ll be sharing another extract from ‘Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off,’ but firstly some news on my debut novel, ‘Desperately Seeking Heaven.’  I’m very excited that it’s been selected for the Amazon Valentine’s promotion and is on sale for a limited time for 0.99p!!  I have a real soft spot for this story and it’s gorgeous hero, Jimmy Mack.  If you like romantic comedies or chick-lit with a twist, then why not try Desperately Seeking Heaven while it’s on offer.

Desperately Seeking Heaven


And my latest release, ‘Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off’ is still available at the bargain price of £0.59p/$0.99!  Not sure how long these prices will be valid for so again, grab a copy while you can! 🙂  You can buy it here

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Okay, here’s an excerpt from Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.  Anna, confused and hurt by what she’s uncovered in her best friend’s diary, has run away from home, and has just met a strange and intriguing man in the local pub:-


He wasn’t my type at all, but his overwhelming physical presence was completely compelling.   Underneath his tight black T-shirt were muscles that were literally bulging at the seams to escape.  Muscles that took a hell of a lot of hours in the gym to maintain, I didn’t doubt.  His hair was dark, but cropped close to his head to match the swathe of stubble around his jaw.  An elaborate tattoo of something I couldn’t quite work out travelled the length of his left arm. A whiff of something not entirely disagreeable reached my nose.

‘You alone?’  he asked.

‘Yes,’ I said, immediately regretting my answer.  No, I’m waiting for my black-belt karate expert boyfriend would have been a much better response in the circumstances.

‘Great,’ he said with a smile, landing his pint of beer on the table.  ‘What’s your name?’

‘My name?’  It wasn’t a difficult question, but at that particular moment coming from this particular man it completely foxed me.  I laughed.

‘Oh, my name?  Yes, it’s, um, Persephone.’   Honestly, I don’t know where that came from at all.  It just tripped off my tongue before my brain had even had chance to catch up.  Oh God.  What to do? I thought about saying, Oops, sorry, silly me, that’s not really my name at all, my name’s Anna, but for the sake of preserving some kind of illusion of sanity, I just let it loose right out there.

‘Persephone?  Wow, that’s pretty exotic.  What’s that, Greek or something?’

‘Yes, Greek,’ I said, nodding madly, looking frantically around the room for some means of escape.  ‘Although I’m not Greek, but I was conceived on a Greek island so that’s why my parents decided on it.’  It really was true, the more you lied the easier it became.

‘That’s sweet.  And what does it mean, then?’

Shit.  What the heck did he mean what does it mean?  How the hell should I know?  It was my name, wasn’t it?  Wasn’t that enough?  Although I supposed I ought to know what it meant.

‘It means exotic flower,’ I said in a blinding moment of inspiration.  Weren’t all Greek names exotic flowers?

‘Really?’  He had dark brown expressive eyes that shone with something I couldn’t quite decipher.  ‘Well, that’s pretty cool.  You suit your name.’  He laughed gently, his gaze flitting around my face in a way that did funny things to my insides.  ‘You are definitely an exotic flower.’

Phew.  Crisis averted. I dropped my gaze, fiddling with the stem of my glass.  I felt my skin prickle with embarrassment.  This man was clearly being kind.  I was hardly an exotic flower today, more a wilting wallflower.

‘What’s your name?’ I asked, retrieving my basic communication skills.  I looked back up into those eyes that were still watching me closely.


‘Ah!’ I nodded. ‘Nice.’  It kind of spoilt the moment.  Dave and Persephone didn’t sound like a match made in heaven to me, but it didn’t matter.  Dave seemed like a good sort and I felt certain he would be perfect company for an evening spent watching the band who had been churning out some pretty decent tunes for the last half-hour and were now taking a well-earned break.  ‘Can I get you another drink, Persephone?  Something stronger, perhaps?’ he asked, eyeing my orange juice.




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  1. Hilary
    February 11, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    you got my interest! I so want to know more!

  2. jill
    February 11, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Thanks, Hilary. I’m really pleased it piqued your interest. Off to read some of the other excerpts now 🙂


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