#ChickLitLove – The Heroes

Today in the #ChickLitLove Valentine’s tour, we’re interviewing our favourite heroes from our books.  I thought I’d catch up with Jimmy Mack from Desperately Seeking Heaven and ask him a few pertinent questions.

Celebrity you’ve been told you look like:  Well, I quite often get, “Hey you look a lot like Jimmy Mack”.  That always makes me smile.

Naughty food you like to indulge in:  A greasy bacon sandwich.  Only at weekends, of course.  The camera adds pounds so I need to be careful with what I eat.

What you wear to bed:   Ha, nothing.  Why?  What do you wear?

Favorite body part of the opposite sex:  Really? Are you serious?  I don’t honestly look at women as a collection of body parts 😉 Although a nice smile will get me every time.

How many people you’ve said “I love you” to:  Only the one and that came a bit later than I would have liked, I’m afraid. I met Alice Fletcher after the accident, and it would seem that was the reason our paths crossed.  She was meant to be ‘the one.’  I was just pleased I got the chance to tell her.  Even if it was a bit too late. Yeah, I’m still coming to terms with that.

Relationship deal-breaker:  A lot of women have done kiss-and-tells on me in the press so dishonesty and betrayal are were a complete deal-breaker for me.

Your first kiss – How old were you? Did you instigate it?:  It was at the school disco and I must have been about 9.  The girl’s name was Chloe.  And no I didn’t instigate it.  It was a very pleasant surprise though.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, describe:  Nope.

Favorite alcoholic drink:  Champagne, probably.  Or a Vodka and tonic.

Describe your dream girl:  Her name’s Alice Fletcher.  She’s incredibly kind and honest, her transparency is palpable, and she’s just a really sweet girl.  The first time I looked into her brown sparkling eyes, I was smitten.  She has a really killer smile too.


If you’d like to learn more about Jimmy and Alice’s story, you can do here.  Desperately Seeking Heaven is only 0.99p at the moment in the Amazon Valentine’s promotion!

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