October 2014 archive

Happy Halloween

Hello!  Sidles in and hopes no one notices I haven’t been around for these last few months.  Hope you had a lovely easter, summer and a generally fab few months while I’ve been away.  Oh, and a big Happy Halloween too!

Frankly, it is just scary how quickly this year has flown by, I can’t believe it’s actually November tomorrow and there are people out there (you know who you are!!) who delight in telling me they’ve already done all their Christmas shopping and have wrapped all their presents too.  Aargh!  Talk about making me feel inadequate.  Anyway, this year I will be more organised and not leave everything to the last moment.  Cards will be written, presents will be bought and wrapped, and puddings and chutneys (domestic goddess me) will all be done by the end of November.  You heard it here first.

In August my third novel, ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’, was published by Carina UK, making it three novels in a year!  Here’s the very beautiful cover and a brief blurb.

hdty small

Meet Ruby’s fiancé, Finn. He’s gorgeous, thoughtful, successful and adoring – pretty much everything anyone could ever want in a man. In fact, he’s perfect. The catch? He’s just not perfect for her. But when Ruby finally plucks up the courage to come clean, Finn’s so furious that he misses his footing as he runs down the stairs – and suddenly, it’s not just his heart that’s broken!

When Finn wakes up, he can’t remember a thing. Not that Ruby dumped him – not even that they were ever engaged! It’s on the tip of Ruby’s tongue to come clean, but somehow, it never seems to be the right time… And as the weeks pass, she sees a new side to Finn. Arrogant and a shameless flirt, he’s irresistibly bad, and the chemistry between them is explosive!
It’s not that Ruby’s lying… she’s just withholding the truth. And seeing as things are going so well, perhaps there’s no need for Finn to have his memory jogged… The trouble is, there’s every chance that Finn might remember for himself!

I’ve had some lovely feedback on this story. Bobbie called it a ‘classic bit of chick-lit’ and Joanne said it was ‘a heart-warming tale, perfect for fans of Millie Johnson and Katie Fforde’. Praise indeed!

If you think it sounds like your kind of thing you can download it here.

In other news we have a new puppy who at seven months old is less like a puppy and more like a hulking mischievous hound intent on creating as much havoc as she can possibly can. Yes, the training is going that well! We’ve had to put in new fencing which within a couple of weeks she had promptly scaled and we’ve now had to add trellis to the top of the fencing to try and keep her contained. She’s now attempting to tunnel herself out….

amber on box small

Amber. When she’s good she’s very very good and when she’s bad she’s horrid.


At the moment, as well as dog-wrangling and coming up with some ideas for my next novel, I’m also investigating ways to upgrade my blog and website to something fresher and easier to maintain. I’m sure when that’s in place I’ll be hanging out here much more often. Until then…